Renting to Sharers

Hello…first time landlord here renting out my previous home which is a 3.5 bed flat in SE20. Should I rent to sharers? Are there planning or other issues to be dealt with as opposed to renting to a couple or a family? Thanks in advance

There is almost the HMO regulations. I seriously suggest you use an agent or do a crash course with something like the NRLA or you could lose your shirt. This is no game for the uninitiated


Woe, woe and thrice woe! Thank you Casandra David122. Anyone with more helpful tips?

I agree with David. Renting to shares for that size property would mean you need to follow HMO rules. Google them if you dont know it. Personally I avoid HMO and find renting to couples far simpler but then mine are only 2 beds. There are a large number of rules you need to follow as a landlord these days, it certainly isn’t just deciding to rent a property out for easy money so if you have no experience you do need to get all the information you will need to comply with the many regulations.

Hi Alexander, here are two pages I think will be really helpful for the licensing information.

Finding out whether your planned tenants mean the property requires a license or not is probably the most important difference between letting to sharers and a family. After that, it’s all pretty much the same process.

Of course, I recommend using Rent Now to advertise the property and set up the tenancy :slight_smile:

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Thanks Sam…that is exactly what I was looking for.