Renting with bad credit


I’m new here, but I hope someone can help! I have a new job in Cardiff, starting on August 30th. I have a ccj, dating from when my mum passed away and I wasn’t coping with things. The ccj was for late payment of care home fees from her account. My own account wasn’t involved. Its being paid now through an IVA and all payments are up to date. It started in October and finishes In 2026. I need to find somewhere to rent and need to know how difficult this will be and what I can do?

Sorry for the rambling, but I’m stressed as I have a job and will have no problem with paying rent.


Explain up front to landlords/agents when you are interviewed and hope for the best. I wouldnt refuse you based on that so some others probably wont either.


Thank you. My problem is that I’ve been told that I won’t pass letting agent referencing, si I’ll probably have to rent privately. Hopefully I’ll find someone who will! I’m a good tenant and always pay my rent; fingers crossed.

I have come up against the same problem, even on Open Rent unfortunately
We have a school age child, both working full time, have rented privately with the same landlord for 10 years, never a missed or late payment in rent in 10 years, i have one CCJ from 4.5 years ago, due to be wiped Jan 2024, never had any adverse credit since i’ve been extra careful, and was told by an open rent landlord on a recent application, don’t apply if you have poor credit as it wont pass the checks, understandably, but, even so, i have a guarantor lined up, proof of rental payments, landlord references, wage slips everything i can think of, i am beginning to lose hope and our landlord is selling up so we have to be out by 29th September.

Not sure what else can be done apart from being lucky with an understanding landlord.


It’s so difficult, I guess they have their pick of tenants but a ccj doesn’t make you an irresponsible person. Why did they refuse the guarantor? That was going to be my next option!

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I do credit checks on all prospective tenabts, but a fail doesnt necessarily mean they wont get the tenancy. For me it always depends on the circumstances.


That’s good to know! My sticking point seems to be letting agents and for some reason I can’t see many properties in South Wale on this site with a budget of up to £675. On behalf of those of us struggling thanks for being an understanding landlord!


Things are going to get much worse for tenants in Wales later this year when the Assembly introduces new legislation and landlords will become even more risk averse.


Is this the rule that landlords will have to give 6 months notice, or something else? The thing is, if there is a recession and tenants start to struggle then it will impact landlords as well, so it’s a bit unsettling generally😬

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Sorry for the loss of your mum and I too lost mine just in April.

However, to be blunt, and as a landord myself, your explanation for the CCJ doesnt really stack up. if paying from your “mums account” then why wasn’t it paid and where is the money? Surely if she was in position to pay for care herself then the money would be there and if paid or part paid by the local authority there would not have been a debt.

Anyway, good luck with the hunt, but landlords would likely need more convincing about the circumstances which led to the IVA.


Mum had dementia and I was paying it from her account. I was dealing with it all, with no help and working full time. I was also on antidepressants. The money was there but my situation was my mental health at the time. I let things go and didn’t sort it in time, plus there were late fees and court costs.

That’s the the thing; debt can happen for reasons other than money if that makes sense?

Hi there, if you can get a guarantor, that should make most landlords fine with it. I’ve just rented to someone with active CCJs, my insurance is invalid without a guarantor to make up for their poor credit rating. Their last rental agency confirmed that they always paid the rent, so that with a guarantor means no problems for me as a landlord :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your positive reply! Finding a guarantor is my plan. I have a perfect history regarding rent payment, never having even been a day late so I hope that counts for something x

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Find someone who wants a lodger. This will both save you money and give you breathing room. I did this myself for eight years due to leading a contracting life.

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Honestly, I’m too old for that now! Plus I have 2 house buns…I’m hoping a guarantor and exemplary rent paying record will help😬A couple of landlords have said they are renting to people with less than perfect credit, so hopefully someone will take a chance with me. I don’t have a money problem and can easily pay rent, its just something hanging over me from a bad time. I hope you’re in a better place too.