Advice for rent with bad credit


My partner and I are looking for a flat, I have a full time job, earn a good salary and generally am very reliable but I have 2 CCJs on my report as a few years back I was out of the country for a while and left 2 bills in my name from a previous house (my housemates didn’t pay or change the name when I moved). As I didn’t have a UK address they were sending letters to an old house so of course I had no idea so they went unpaid and resulted in CCJs.

My boyfriend has perfect credit, works full time and earns a good wage, we’re in our 30s and otherwise ideal tenants but I’m concerned we’re going to struggle to find somewhere - does anyone have any advice on what we can do?

I’ve been renting in London for 14 years and never had any problems - never missed any rent payments etc my last landlord accepted us as I was upfront with them but this was during Covid and the market is much more competitive now.

Help would me much appreciated!

Perhaps see if someone will agree to be a guarantor for you and be upfront with the landlord about your challenges. Mistakes happen but often openness and transparency goes a long way.

You should ensure that the ccjs are satisfied and you have evidence of this and evidence of what they were for, (in particular not related to rent).