Repairs not done

I rent a 3 bed house for over 18 months and every time i have a repair in the house to be done, the landlord takes time to have it fixed, he does not want to spend money.

There are small jobs that need to be done and he has not bothered to do.
Now, is more than 7 weeks that i asked him to repair our garage roof tiles at the back of the garden, as they are full of holes and mould, our stuff who is stored in the garage are getting wet and mould. He asked me if i will renew the contract next July before he could do a repair. I said yes, i do intend to stay, but i will not wait until July for the repairs. I keep asking for updates and he replies he is getting quotes and that the one he got for £500 was too expensive. My belongs and some furniture in the garage are getting damaged and he is aware and i don’t know what to do. I keep messaging him and the wife and no response, or sometimes just " we are getting quotes". I am not happy and worried my furniture might become a total loss. The garage was a great bonus in the house renting, as we could keep all our extra stuff there. So it is part of the rent agreement and he needs to do something about. I will no accept him telling me to move the stuff inside the house. Can someone give an idea in what to do?

His obligation to repair might depend on what was agreed at the start. Landlords are required to keep in repair all habitable spaces, but a garage wouldn’t normally qualify. Did the landlord advertise the property with the garage and if so what if anything was said about it in writing? Did he claim it was watertight for example? Did you say that you were planning to keep your things in there and that this is critical to accepting the property? If so was any of this in writing, (inc emails/texts etc)?

Unless you can show that the landlord has mis-sold you the property or reneged on part of the agreement, then you will just have to keep badgering him or pay for the repair yourself.

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