Request to new tenants

As a Landlord, can I please ask prospective tenants applying to an advert for a room or property to rent, to read the advert fully and answer all questions asked. You are welcome to try if it says ‘no pets’ or ‘no smoking’ etc but don’t be surprised by the answer.

If a tenant does not answer my questions then it immediately raises alarm bells as to what they may be hiding. If communication is poor or difficult at the start, when you’re supposed to be making your best impression, then it doesn’t bode well for the future imo.

Also, if you are refused then that it the Landlord’s choice. I understand that it can be frustrating but please do not get stroppy and cross. It is not going to endear you to a Landlord, expecting them to change their mind.


I’m afraid this is a forlorn hope.

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You are preaching to the converted, mate

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Blimey, not all prosepctive tenants are the same!!

I have on average 39 responses per advert and at least one change of tenant per year, and so far not one has read the advert.

You seem to think I am being derogatory to tenants. I’m not. It’s just a simple fact. Possibly a product of the Openrent system.

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