Returning Ex-pat issues!

Hi there, I am a returning expat after 21 years in the States as a dual citizen and have to rent for one year before applying for mortgage. I am running into right to rent check issues as I have no British passport or Drivers licence. I do have my Birth Cert, NI number and have made application for a UK passport. We are in a bit of a hurry, are there any agencies that can help to verify identity, the Gov.UK site isn’t very helpful. Thanks for any info!

How did you enter the country? Do you have any kind of limited right to remain?

I was born in the UK to British parents and lived there until I was 20. I was a dual citizen as my mother was naturalized for US citizenship in her youth. I legally can live in either place, just struggling proving it with the rental apps. Thanks!

You may need to get confirmation of this from the Home Office. Its not just the apps. Any landlord will also have to do the check and has to follow a very prescriptive procedure and you will need documentary evidence of your right to rent in the UK.

I have tried the UK.Gov site, I haven’t been able to find any customer service number etc Have you ever come across a number for the home office, maybe they can help?

If you’re a dual citizen then you can get a UK passport and problem sorted. That takes time though so you should’ve sorted that before you came.

Apart from that I’d say it’s hard. Ask the passport office to expedite.

I am not there yet but never thought it would be harder to return home than move to a new country. Virtually no customer service which is the real problem and already almost 10k into my wife’s visa

The Court of Appeal has found that the Right to Rent scheme, a key plank of the hostile environment, causes racial discrimination.

Just rent in Scotland until you have your passport. No racial discrimination here :slight_smile:

To be honest, no normal landlord would rent to someone without the right to stay.

What would you do if they stop paying/trash the place/rent the place out in a scam? You won’t have any chance finding them again.

P.S. not saying that all/most without the right to stay would behave that way.

The problem is - having the right to rent and having the paperwork to prove it is not quite the same (which this thread is all about).

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Fantastic pragmatic advice cheers! The whole thing has been a chicken and egg scenario with zero professional help or resource.