Right 2 rent query

Hi all

I have just had a report completed for a potential tenant, all credit checks pass but the right to rent but only on the basis that the tenant can provide me with the following.

Biometric ID
Right to reside here in the U.K.

The tenant has provided me with her Moldovan passport copy, UK driving licence and right to reside here in the U.K.

Surely this is a thumbs up?
I want to take out RGI too as with all tenants I would have but the note at the bottom of the reference says only if a tenant passes their reference checks.

Has anyone been here before?
Advice needed
Thanking you all in advance.

Have you checked their right to rent on the goverment website?

Do you just enter in their name? Please forward me the link as I just tried searching for it.

just google" Right to Rent"

Found it thanks. I have entered the details and now just waiting for a response. I believe there is still an error on the open rent website showing peoples references as failed even though rent guard have said the actual report has passed.