Returning to UK from abroad?

Hi all, I’m after a bit of advice please…

I’ve spent the last 11 months overseas. I’m planning on returning in August and so need to find somewhere to rent for 6+ months.

I have a good credit rating BUT… I won’t have a job when I return and I haven’t paid rent to a landlord (in the UK at least) since 2015.

I’m on the electoral role at my parents house and also have my bank accounts registered at this address.

Taking the above into consideration, will I find it easy / hard / impossible to find somewhere to live?



We are in a very similar position and look to have just secured something, although it was outside of OpenRent.

My experience with OpenRent was pretty poor, we had one guy all but offer us a place then take it away 3 days later stating we needed to convince him we deserved it and he didn’t believe my earnings as self employed… you can get some real characters on here.

Since we can’t be in UK just yet and needed a place ready for return, that caused problems since we couldn’t be there in person and despite half of the adverts saying remote viewing possible, the contention meant it ended up going to someone else who viewed in person before I even got a reply.

My experience has been that self employed or unemployed you’ll probably need to pay 6 months + deposit on a 6 month contract - even if you can prove income/previous earnings. You will likely need a guarantor as you have no way to pay rent right now (or maybe a big bunch of savings might help with that?). Credit rating probably isn’t going to be the ultimate factor on this one since you’ll probably have to have a guarantor anyway.

If you can pay up 6 months ahead + deposit you could look at some of the places like fizzy living, tipi and the forge Newcastle - they have some bills inclusive and seem to be a bit more accommodating to those returning to UK. That was our next avenue.

I hope you have better luck than we did on here!

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Thanks very much. Fortunately I do have enough money saved to pay 6 months in one go. It’d be nice not to have to do this but I did think it might be likely.

I’ll have a look at those other places you mentioned… :+1: