Right to first refusal on freehold (when freeholder passed away)

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I have a situation in which I am not sure whether I have the right to buy the freehold of a leasehold flat as it’s changing hands (first right to refusal).

The property is in a block of 3 flats, I own one property another third party owns a second and the landlord owned the third. The landlord was selling the third flat but then - he died.

The executors appeared to have passed the freehold of the flat on to a new person. Should we have been notified of this, and given the oppurtunity to buy beforehand. It probably counts for nothing, but we also have an email of the deceased landlord offering us the freehold which we accepted (but he passed away before any progress was made.)

It’s not clear to me here, whether the transfer would be exempt.

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Book a call with the Leasehold Advisory Service. First call is free.

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Unfortuantely their waiting list for a call is about 1 and a half months. Looking at the act in question carfefully, right to refusal doesn’t count for a transfer due to will or intestacy. (For future internet searchers ending up here.)