Right to rent - tenant in situ visa expires soon

Looking for advice from someone who has had similar issues:

My tenant’s current visa expires middle of September. Since she moved in (October 2020) the Right to rent checks have changed.

Previously I checked her documents. Now the tenant is now required to obtain a ‘Share Code’ as she has a biometric residence card. I have asked the tenant to provide me with this at least one month before her visa expires. She has said it wont be possible to provide this even before her visa expires mid september.

Do I wait until it expires and then contact the home office - or is there an alternative approach I can take?

For Reference Check your tenant's right to rent: How to do a check - GOV.UK

She is on a 6 month contract that expires on 5th September but will then go into rolling…


I would ask again for the share code a few days before her visa expires. She should have it by then. Ask to see evidence of any delays she quotes. If it goes past the date of expiry without you getting a code then you should contact the Home Office helpline.

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Thank you - will update on how i get on!

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Just a note that I’ve had a nightmare with my share code. It never seems to work properly even though I have legal right to live and work here.

It isn’t one set code - I have to generate a new one each time using the website.

Most of the time the site gives me an error message when I try to get one. The times it doesn’t and I get a share code, I’m then told that the person who needed it gets an error message.

Just to let you know and give a bit of leeway to the tenant if she is having genuine problems.

They really need to allow alternative proof - like the biometrics card or letting us print out a copy of it with a time/date stamp. I appreciate the logic of the website but if it’s this glitchy then it’s not exactly useful.

Hi @Daniella3

We’ve got a guide on how to carry out further right to rent checks in our Help Centre:

If the tenant is waiting for a new visa to be issued then you should be able to verify this through the Home Office website: Right to rent