Tenant s visa is expiring soon

I understand that as landlord we need to check the “right to live in UK” of tenants. One of the returning tenants who would like to rent the house, however, her student visa is expiring soon, but she ensured me that her extension application is in the process. I wonder in this case, can I let the house to her and family now, or perhaps I have to wait till she get the new visa?

Tricky. Can you see documents/proof that the visa extension application has been submitted? How well do you know this tenant? Trustworthy? Timeframes to remove installed tenants are overly long at the moment. I’m sure there are other considerations that other LL’s can contribute.

I would proceed, given you’re happy with the tenant herself.

If she doesn’t get a visa it’s unlikely she’ll hang around to get rounded up by immigration.

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Boris Johnson, to support the universities, since last year allowed all foreign students a 2- year extension to find work in the UK, so it is just an automatic process they have to go through.

From Wednesday this week there is a major change in the way R2R checks are carried out. It has got even more complicated in my view. You will no longer be able to accept a Biometric Residents Card or Pass and will have to use the share code system. See the new code of practice here: Right to rent immigration checks: landlords' code of practice - GOV.UK

Hi @Kai,

The Home Office actually has an online service which lets landlords verify if a tenant has an ongoing application: Right to rent

If the tenant is able to provide the necessary information then you’ll be able to confirm if there is an ongoing application.

Thanks @Graham. Yes I am aware this visa should be straightforward once they are in UK to apply. Now the problem is they need to get their current expiring vis (in 10 days) extended so that they can be back to UK to apply this 2 year visa. My concern is that I am not sure if they can get this extension approved before they apply for 2 years since they are already outside UK. If I do take her now, but she cannot get extension, the tenancy will not happen effectively.

Thanks @Beth. I shall check this out.