Risk score low but no adverse credit

Any idea why there should be a moderate to high risk score (160) for someone who has no adverse credit? They actually have a pass on the credit check. Should I back out?

You could do with seeing whole report, many things affect score. IE High use of available credit, number of credit cards, store cards, loans, frequent address moves, not being on electoral role, actually having very little credit history.

Thank you Mark. He says that he’s never really borrowed money. Could a thin file cause that much of a low score? He has a healthy bank balance.

I’d be really cautious with that score, it’s really low for Experian, Trans Union and Equifax. I’d need to be satisfied of the reasons.

I had a low credit score as I had not borrowed on a credit card Yet own properties outright and a good bank balance. Pay for everything as I go along , so go with your gut feeling he may be the one

Hi Colin was your score in the same sort of range? My gut is that he’s honest but he also hasn’t provided a landlord reference either which would be from 2/3 years ago. He 's been living with a friend for a couple of years. Said he only moved out of there because roof was leaking and there was damp which the landlord wouldn’t sort. Guess he didn’t leave on good terms. Perhaps I am a bit desperate to get someone in soon. Talk about indecisive!

Says he has a clearscore of 703 but has only sent a screenshot and won’t give me login details. Is willing to let me look on his phone… talking myself out of it now… Seems strange as both agencies use equifax.

Have you seen bank statements showing spending habits, salary coming in etc?

Long term employment?

3 months worth - all good - very healthy credit - could pay for the whole year!. Employed by a council - pretty secure -all verified

I have never checked my score but Halifax lender 40 years ago said you will stand a better chance of getting a mortgage and will improve your credit rating if you get a credit card and borrow on it !! I said I will not do that but I did get debit card (which I only use ,to pay money in). I rented recently to a girl who had no job , but was looking .A very nice humble girl, I just liked her, and I was right, a great tenant . Having worked as a builder also in peoples homes and for other landlords , you get to analise and judge what people are like . Hence I say , go with what your first gut reaction is

Thank you so much Colin and Mark. The bank statements are all good, employment regular and secure. No adverse credit/CCJs. My instinct tells me he is honest. Who hasn’t got someone in their lives that they wouldn’t want to ask for a reference from?! Might consider a guarantor as a back up…

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Go for a guarantor as backup

Yep. Will do. Thank you again.

If theyve never borrowed money they will have a poor credit score

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