Credit Checks and referencing

Hi all,

I am currently in the process of a credit check.

I have no ccjs etc and apparently I have no adverse credit according to my report however I am in debt with very, aqua and vodaphone and my credit score is low. Will she find all of this out?

But I have no adverse events or county court judgements. My new LL says if I fail, she will not accept me. I’m worried now.

you will have to await the outcome

I’m so nervous. I have never ever missed a rent payment but I do completely understand why these checks have to be done. I’ve told the landlord I am happy for him to keep my holding fee if I do fail but I don’t have a clue

Do you have a good reference from a previous landlord.?

We should do yeah as we have never missed rent etc and never had any problems. My hubby has been here 7 years prior to me moving in

tell all this to new landlord

Do you have an agreement with your creditors to clear hhe debt and are you sticking to the plan? If so then explain that too.

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Just be completely upfront with your potential landlord, stressing the rent has never been in arrears. Any decent landlord will be glad to get a good tenant.

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Life is based on risks … high , medium or low risks . If you were a landlord what sort of risk Would you want to take high , medium or low risk ? Debts are debts … tenants current / previous debts are a risk / warning bell’s to a landlord…

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I would consider getting a copy of your credit report from the main credit agencies, experian etc. This way you can see what you look like on paper. You say in debt …do you mean you have big balances or that you have defaulted? I you have failed to pay minimum balances it will be a whole different outlook than if you just have large amounts owing. However please consider reviewing your finances and reducing the debt before it gets in top of you. There are great websites like MSE that can help you.

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