Rogue how do I get refunded

How do I get the rest of my money back from a landlord who never showed me around a property, told me to pay the holding deposit straight into his bank instead of open rent, then said he would give me the keys if I paid the rest of the rent all before the tenant already in the house had moved out, I signed nothing saw no tenancy agreement, the day I was moving, with everything arranged, and my tenancy up on my place, ide still got no keys, not until that Friday evening did he ring me when it was too late, everyone moving me had gone, was nearly made homeless, asked for my money back, refused, then police got involved, I got some back but he still owes me £100,he never uses the deposit scheme, has a lot of houses, his names Andrew Bacon, property ref 857604.

why did you pay money and had not seen the place ?

I am disabled, present house in bad repair, i
Had applied for this property 2 years ago, thought I could trust the landlord had seen inside front room as a friend lived there, basically was desperate to move, spoke to him on numerous occasions, just kept saying, first to pay will get it

sadly in life you can only trust yourself,. too many chancers out there, landlords and tenants

Small claims court ?

Without the allegations documented i very much doubt a claims court will go in the members favour.