Rubbish found after returning deposit

After my tenants vacated my property I discovered a few sawn off pieces of wood and some concrete rubble at the bottom of the garden. This was probably from the decking they had installed in the garden at their cost and which they took with them. Unfortunately this was a month after the final inspection on the day they moved out and me handing them back their deposit.

Do I have any grounds to get them to come back and collect the wood and rubble? They have ignored my emails requesting them to collect the rubbish. I can’t withhold the deposit as I have already given it back to them. Can I call the police and claim this as fly-tipping or that they have fraudulently obtained their deposit?

Just get rid of it yourself and take it as a lesson learnt


As Colin has said, you will have to get rid of it and bear the cost I am afraid. I thought you could also do a bit of an auto-critic to your own procedures especially when and how to end a contract tenants to avoid such issues in future.

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You chose to come on the internet and ask that question? Clear it up, suck it up and chalk it down to experience. It’s this sort of nonsense that gives landlords a bad name. Do come back and let us know how long it took the police to stop laughing though.

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Are you serious? You must be a nightmare landlord.

Personally I would always return the whole deposit unless there was something seriously negligent. In this case pay for it yourself. You are wasting your time emailing them.

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Hi Colin, I keep reading your posts and find that i can not add or expand on anything usually as you always seem to say the correct thing and give what i think to be the same advise as i what i would give, i know that i am knowledgable and switched on yet i admire you as you clearly are more knowledgable than i in most property stuff and you seem very switched on to everything and i find your effective blunt honesty most endearing and refreshing, just thought to let you know as i chuckle when reading some of your posts like i know exactly what you were thinking when you wrote the posts, a tad strange, your also right, we do think very similar indeed i concur

You two need to get a room!

funnily enough we are both HMO landlords so we have loads of rooms, you may wish to question your username as it closely resembles and reminds me of that moment on American pie where that lad is on the kitchen worktop pounding away at the pie, just thought to share that with you.

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What was in the pie? I do like apple pie!!