S21 - documents enclosed (incl.Tenancy Agreement) - copies or originals?

As above. Thank you.
Also, for the future, would one copy of S21 sent by post be enough? We sent two, but it means going to to separate PO.

Are you talking about sending a s21 notice to a tenant or sending documents to court to apply for a possession order? If its the former, then you don’t enclose anything with it. You have to use Gov’t form 6A to create the notice and then you can either hand deliver it, (with evidence) or post it normal first class post from a post office and ask for a proof of posting slip. If you want to be belt and braces send two from separate post offices. If you’re posting, add a couple of days to the notice.

Gosh, I’m stressed and mix it all up. I’m talking about the document for the court with N5B form, the ones that the judge will see. Copies or originals, esp. Tenancy Agreement? And, if I understand it correctly, you need to provide three copies of each? Or is it only 3 x N5B forms?

Thank you.