S21 Expiry Date Query

Advice required please,

Regarding serving a Section 21 notice, 2 months notice in writing is required and the notice must expire on the last date of the tenancy period. This is often where the confusion is – what is the last date of the tenancy period?

My tenant moved in on 1st of the month and rent is paid monthly on the 4th (this being a mutual agreement that suited the tenant at the time).

To allow for the 2 month notice period, Do I put the section 21 notice expiry date as the end of the appropriate month this being the end of the tenancy period or the 3rd of the following month this being the end of the payment period?

I intend to issue a section 21 in early July to ask them to vacate by the end of Sept, I wasn’t sure if the S21 expiry date should be Sept 30th (tenancy period end date) or October 3rd (rent payment end date) after reading a few different views?

Or can the S21 date to vacate be any date as long as its a full 2 months notice?

Just want to get the date right to avoid a delay over a ridiculous technicality.


S21 notices are a bare 2 months plus extra days if you post and does not need to expire at the end of a tenancy period.

Cheers David, did a heck of a lot of reading yesterday and seems a lot of old or confusing details out there but eventually sussed it’s as per your reply.

Many thanks as always