How to serve section 21?

What are the steps to take to make sure the tenant leaves on the end date of the fix term instead of rolling?

Currently it is 2 months + 1 day until the fixed term end date and the tenant casually mentioned at one point they would like to leave a week ago.

So what should a landlord do? is it we call them to discuss and agree 2 months before fixed term expire?

Also, when do I serve section 21? is it before 2 months or within 2 month until the fixed term end date? if I served it let’s say 1 months before fixed term expiry date, do I get them out 1 month after expiry or on the expiry date?

The notice period is a minimum of two months during the fixed term. To properly serve a S21 notice every detail will need to be done with a lot of care and attention because a judge will rule it to be invalid if the slightest detail is out of place. To be sure, seek professional help.

Good luck

You cant ensure this and any promise you extract from them in advance is legally worthless. You could serve a s21 notice to expire on the last day of their tenancy, but even that doesnt end the tenancy and if they stay 1 second past midnight on the last day, a periodic tenancy will arise and there is nothing that anyone can do to prevent that.

If you need to recover possession at the end of the fixed term, then I suggest you agree when they say they want to leave early.

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