Scam artist raf m near stockport

I have no idea how to contact openrent this is my best idea I have just had a financial scam attempted on me
Can someone advise me who to speak to to stop him?

contact OpenRent here.

The forum is widely read. Without giving his full name, perhaps you could report the circumstances so that others can beware?

Of course a property on Wellington Rd South in Stockport
2 adult males 1 around 60 years of age the other around 20
He asks you to converse via WhatsApp instead and after sending you the same pictures that exist on openrent offers you viewings which they both attend and he is strange thoughout ask personal questions the eventually long story short he asked for a proof of my passport and for me to send 200 quid personally to his bank so he can be sure I want the place and to pay for a dbs check but not through openrent and he says he will let me know know within 48 hours if its mine

You could report to police too.

I have done but I went along with it as much as possible to get info out of him :wink:

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See if you can set up a sting, although persuading the police to attend may be difficult