How to report a scam?

Hi all, we are looking to rent a house in Bristol. We have 2 cats, so it’s incredibly difficult.

We found a property in OpenRent, we are number 34 in the list. Got immediately contacted by the landlord, who after asking the same questions asked by the answering machine, wanted us to give a deposit outside the platform, before viewing, no guarantees.

The scammer is also using a fake picture and name, from a girl in the US (you can learn about her fantastic story here: Emily Whitehead 5K to Help Cure Childhood Cancer). I contacted the family, who tells us this is not them. The scammer also provided fake property documentation, we checked against public selling records and this is just false.

I contacted the fake landlord, saying we knew about the scam, and to please not contact us again. This was yesterday, no reply at all. We want to report the scam ASAP so no one falls in it. The property is this one: Bristol - 2 Bed Semi-Detached House, Jeffery Court, BS30 - To Rent Now for £895.00 p/m

How do we do that?

Thank you!

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you have just done it

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Thanks @Colin3, I hope the ad is removed as soon as possible so other people don’t fall in the trap.

Bon weekend!

open rent will read this on Monday . Glad you were not stung


There is also a ‘Report listing’ at the bottom of each ad.


Great! This is what I was looking for, just submitted it. Ty!


Also report it here: