Scam inquiries new landlord

Hi everyone

I have an enquiry from a potential tenant, seems a bit off, they leave hours between correspondence, i offered a walk through video and asked for a mobile number to WhatsApp it.
It is a strange number starring with 00278, i am based in Scotland UK and this is not a UK based code.

I have googled the code and it could be a scam number.

Has anyone had experience with this or am i paranoid?


Listen to your gut. If it feels off don’t pursue it. Better to wait for the right tenant than getting stuck with the wrong one.


Thanks Tricia,

Think your right something just feels off, this is our first BTL so just trying not to get drawn in.

A quick Google search shows this MAY be a South African number
So your suspicions MAY be correect as previously stated trust your gut


Good for you. You’re in a vulnerable position.

A void is always cheaper than an eviction. Don’t ever be rushed or pressured into offering an applicant a tenancy.

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