Viewing but not given a house number. Fake listing?

Hello all.

This week I have arranged with a landlord to view a property, but while I was given a time and date I was never provided with a house number. I understand not including the number in the ad for privacy reasons. But the viewing is to be within the next 4 hours and they haven’t replied to my message about which property it is.

Could this possibly be a fake listing?


Can you call LL? Not enough info to know if fake. Anything is possible. Scams usually require deposit before viewing.

Can you work out what property it is by appearance?

No I wasn’t given a phone number.

I did walk through the area go get a feel of the neighbourhood and did spot the property, still feels kind of weird not to be told about it.
I’ll still go to the viewing at the specified time and give an update later.

Its weird but also not weird because if they had a lot of viewings and thought they were likely to accept one then no point going ahead with you, so not giving you the number gets you hooked in but they still have the option to decide whether to go ahead or not. Not great but that’s the way it is. ON the other hand, as a landlord I also get stood up 30-40% of the time waiting around for people who never show up…swings and roundabouts

How did this turn out?

In the end I was messaged the house number an hour or so before time.

William, any chance the agent or landlord was from Fulham & Putney Professional Flatshares?

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