Scscammer and no trust any one

I should get the key 29/9/2023. I wait outside for
almost 3 hours. I tried to call the guy who I sing with him
the contracts but wasn’t responding . Then I asked
someone came out from the building and I asked if he can call him because I been wait for long but he gave me a different number when I called the new number. The guy side no, don’t have any contract with us.and I’m the real onwr for this Property and you got Scscammer and he said this guy He booked with them
for 1 week and he left. And he scams a lot more than 4

I lost £1400
The problem nobody wanna help to get this person locked.
nobody wanna help to give my money back

Openrent, they say it’s not our problem got police. The BANK side it’s not our problem go to police , the police said got Action Fraud department and they said We’ll just take information from you. We cannot do nothing. even the real agents. He said it’s not my problem.

I feel the system help this people to keep scamming
I’m so surprised this person he been members with openrent for 2 years!!!

The property title was: 1 Bed Flat, Blundell Street, N7.
The property reference : #1836182.

Sorry that happened to you. Even more sorry that nobody wants to help you.
It’s scary how when you’re scammed, police is not interested. They claim insufficient resources but when I ordered totally legal powder supplements from abroad, two of them had time to come to my house and question me for over half an hour and try to trip me and make me say something they can use against me. One was questioning me, another was silent and intently observing my facial reactions. We never had problems with the law, me or my family.
They did release my shipment eventually.
But I want to say that police does have time when they want. And the certainly have time to waste, like with me. Again, so sorry that you’re on your own now.

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did you pay thru Openrent or did the guy tell you to oay into his own account? Trust no one but yourself . Do NOT pay before a viewing. Check goverment land registry who owns a property

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