Landlord and property agent won't do repairs

I’ve been asking my landlord and property agent to fix repairs at my home. I’m keep been given excuses. I’ve written 3 letters to landlord with no response and been asking the property agent to sort something out too. I’ve even contacted my local council which had environmental health out but not even they can get a response from the landlord. I had environmental health out 9 months ago and still nothing. The property agent has had 6 companies out to my property and still nothing. The companies that have come out have said they deem the issues as dangerous.
I have also been asking for months for smoke and fire alarms to be fitted but keep getting told someone will be out that was 6 months ago. I’ve even been sent a Section 21 notice via email which rent smart Wales have informed me is void.
Anyone else going through something similar would love to hear how you went about things?

Tenants are allowed to bring claims against their landlord under the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act. I suggest you call Shelter or the CAB and see if they can help you do that.

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