Section 21 advice

My tenant has advised us to serve her section 21 notice as she will not be going to afford paying her rent month.
She wants us to serve her section 21 so that she can give it to the council and they can accommodate her.
She has been living in the property for 3 yrs and never mentioned anything before. Please advice how we go about doing this as need to serve this immediately as requested. Thanks in advance.

You use Government form 6a. There are lots of ways that it might be invalid, so check the Nearly Legal s21 flowchart first.

You should be aware that the Council will tell her to wait for the bailiffs before leaving and that will be the best part of a year from now given the backlogs.

Is she entitled to benefits? You should let her know that the Council will regard her as intentionally homeless if she stops paying the rent and it might be better for her to just find somewhere a bit cheaper.

Thanks but she seems to think if we issue section 21 they will place her in another house . But if the process is slow, what do we do about getting our rent as we need to pay the mortgage . Is there nothing for us

Backdate the section 21 if you know it wont be defended

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You in it for the long haul !

Bad idea to backdate the s21

Shes wrong. See paras 2 and 3 of my earlier post

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