Section 21 basic questions

My landlord served Section 21 notice and we have two months to leave the property. We are on Statutory Periodic Tenancy and have never had any issues with the landlord.

  1. Does the landlord need a special legal reason to serve the notice? I heard they can do it only if they are going to sell or live in the property. Or it can be for any reason?

  2. Can I serve my notice before the two month period ends if Section 21 notice has been already served by the landlord?

S21 is the no fault notice. It means you havent necessarily done anything wrong, but the landlord just wants the property back and may have his own reasons for this. You can check if the notice is valid here:Section 21 flowchart - Nearly Legal: Housing Law News and Comment

Yes, you can serve your own notice if you wish to leave earlier.


Thank you @David122

It looks like I may need to serve my notice earlier, likely on 25.03 in order to secure my new home which we’ve just found. And since 25 is 5 days past rent pay date, I need to ask my current landlord to let us leave by 20.04.

I hope they wouldn’t mind since they are going to sell anyway (or at least they served Section 21 first).

Well done. I hope it works out for you.