EPC and gas safety

Is the tenant notified when the EPC and gas safety is added to Open rent documents please? My EPC is running out soon and I forgot to email it directly to both tenants even though one of the tenants has got the documents .

There is no obligation on a landlord to renew an EPC until they need to re-market the property. An out of date EPC has no impact on a tenancy or s21 notice provided it was current when the tenancy began and a copy given to the tenant.

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Yes but I am wondering if I decide to sell if the open rent uploaded documents will be sufficient to serve a section 21. It’s going to rouse suspicion if I send them now, the lead tenant already has the correct documents.

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Is this a joint tenancy? Can you prove the tenant has already been given them? You would need this evidence if it went to court.

I can for the main tenant but not for her adult daughter , it’s just the EPC as the gas plumber left the certificate in the house which I took a photograph of . I have uploaded both documents onto the open rent tenancy page but wonder if I should still send them asap recorded delivery in case I can’t ever have to issue a section 21.

If you an show you gave them to one joint tenant, that should be fine. With housing law there is in effect only one Tenant and it comprises all the people named as jointly and severally liable.

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