Section 21 issued, complications

A friend (at the time) has been renting my second house at a modest rent for about 10 years. Local authority paid their rent, they promised to make up the shortfall but never did (and I never enforced it).

I didn’t keep a copy of the tenancy agreement because I trusted them and didn’t think I would ever need it.

I now want to sell the property, but they don’t want to move. I let them know about my intention to sell and sent a section 21 notice by special delivery. The notice period has elapsed and they’re not answering the door or returning calls.

I know I have brought this on myself, but how might I proceed to get the property back so I can sell it?

S21 can still be used if you dont have the TA, but not the accelerated process. However, you should check whether you can serve a valid s21 here: Section 21 flowchart - Nearly Legal: Housing Law News and Comment

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