Section 21 please help


I want to serve my current tenants with a section 21 to terminate the tenancy in 2 months ( as I want my son to move in). The tenants moved in June 22 and all important documentation was given ( EPC, gas safety certificate etc). The gas safety certificate was completed last month and I sent this to them today……I didn’t though provide them with a copy of the gas safety certificate in December 2022 ( which was completed), as I didn’t know I had to send them a gas safety certificate annually.

Does anyone know if the above means that I am unable to issue a section 21 as I failed to issue them with a gas safe certificate last year despite me having obtained one

Really appreciative your help in advance

Thanks Steve

You can serve the gas cert now to correct the error. Make sure its at least a day before the notice and you retain evidence.

You can check whether your s21 would be valid by googling Nearly Legal s21 Flowchart.

You and your son should be aware that the s21 doesnt end the tenancy and if the tenant cant find alternative accommodation and forces you to go to court, it will take the best part of a year to evict them.

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