Croydon's new selective licensing scheme

As I understand it a scheme was in force October 2015 -September 2020 with a fee of £750/property

The application from Croydon for a new selective licensing scheme is being
reviewed by Central Government. The proposed start date for the new
scheme was the 1st February 2021 but a new start date will now be after
this. If permission is granted, then there are three months before a scheme
can be implemented to ensure there is sufficient publicity.

In view of this, if renting a new property my understanding is that I am not under any obligation to participate. Would that be correct?

Assuming that you are correct about the scheme dates, you only need to apply for a licence once a new scheme begins. Its worth taking a look at the terms and conditions of the old scheme if they still have them online, as you will need to meet very similar conditions to be granted the licence. These are likely to including policies around anti-social behaviour and other matters, PAT testing appliances and a range of other requirements. Its probably as well to get these done before letting the property.

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