Self-employed - struggling to rent


I’ve placed a deposit for a property and went through referencing via Openrent’s provider (Rentguard).

I am self employed, so I was asked to provide details of my accountant, which I couldn’t provide, as I don’t use one (I am a soletrader and do taxes myself).

I was then asked to provide previous tax returns. Before becoming self employed again, I was permanently employed. So my most recent tax return would date back to more than 2 years ago and isn’t reflective of what I earn now.

I was also asked to provide a reference from the main company I work with, which was promptly provided, together with my previous landlord’s reference.

I have then also provided proof of income by forwarding my bank statements, which prove affordability. Now the landlord has contacted me saying my report was returned to him as “failed”, due to “unable to prove income”. However as mentioned, I proved 4 months worth of income. Why was this ignored?

The landlord wants to move forward with the tenancy anyway, however we are stuck as his insurance won’t be valid if my referencing failed.

I don’t know a UK Guarantor who would be able to help.

I understand mine may not be the most common situation, however I am sure there are plenty of other cases like it! Surely there should be a solution, and referencing providers should account for cases such as mine.

Please help

if you have no self employment accounts for a year that is problematic.You must mean that your permanent employment earnings were not good. You have 4 months proved, thats not enough for a landlord. No Guarantor ? mum, Dad, Mate, aunt, uncle, bro, sis ? Have you spoken personally with the landlord/