Issues as self employed


I have two jobs and one of them I am employed as a self employed private chef. Due to the pandemic I have only had this role for 3 months therefore I am unable to provide tax returns. I can however supply bank statements, employment contract and invoices which I am being told will not pass me on the referencing?

My combined annual income exceeds £45k

Is there other options for me other than paying rent up front. I know a guarantor is an option but the asking salary for the guarantor is rather high and apparently they don’t accept someone who just has an owned property.

Help and advice welcome!

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that would pass me as a landlord. I have been S E for 50 years Up to the landlord.

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That seems to be the position. Down to the discretion of the landlord I guess. Extremely frustrating given this year we have all been in a pandemic and quite a few of us had to find new jobs. It seems I have to pay the 6 months upfront as an assurance.

Everything is up to the discretion of the landlord. They don’t need to give a reason. A landlord can decide they don’t like your eye color and refuse. (although they probably wouldn’t say so!)

I’ve been self employed since 2009 and we always give a few months upfront, just smooths the process and saves the hassle. The issue with self employed is it’s so unsteady, feast and famine cycles are common and if you aren’t good at budgeting that can leave you unable to pay rent.

A self employed person ought to have a few thousand on hand for situations like this, and the months up front helps reassure the landlord you’re the kind to budget and weather the low times.

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