Service charge hike!

Hi there,
I wonder if anyone can advise… I have a small bedsit that I rent out, it is tiny with a shower room in central London.
The Management Company have increased my service charge for 1 financial business year to cover repairs to the building (which has been pretty neglected since I’ve had my room there from 3 years ago).
Service charge was 375.93x5=1,879.65
Since March 2,333.61 x5= 11,668.05

=9788.40 more than usual.

Apparently they have apportioned my space, so it’s at least double or more for other freeholders there.

Are they allowed to do this in such a short space of time at such a terrible economic time? Obviously I am massively upset and cannot afford it. I have a tenant in there, but if he goes and I can’t get another it will be worse than terrible.
Thank you

Book a call with the Leasehold Advisory Service.


have they just done or plan a major repair plan ?

A plan to do the building outside next year.
I already paid a lump sum prior to March this year for shortfall on last years outgoings.

Ask for a breakdown of costs

I would suggest that you write to the managing company and request for explanation and full breakdown for the charges

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