Serving HowToRent Booklet Late

I cannot prove that the HowToRent booklet was served on each tenancy renewal that I did.

I have conflicting information on whether when serving a section 21 notice I need to include
1) the HowToRent booklet at the time that was valid at the time or :
2) The current HowToRent booklet

Shelter seems to believe that it is the “current” booklet - “The landlord can give the tenant a copy of the current version of the guide at any time before the section 21 notice is served.”

What is the correct approach?!

I thought youd asked this already and had answers.?

Anyway, for safety I would serve the copy current at the start of the tenancy, the copy current if and when it became statutory periodic and the copy current now.

Make sure its at least a working day before you serve the s21 notice.

Always give the latest version at the time of the tenancy starting.
I always send the sitting tenant the latest version of the booklet when it becomes available.
I do all this by email as my tenancy agreement permits communication by an agreed email address as stated in the AST (its the OR one). This way, there is no dispute as to if and when it was served.
NB: serve the actual pdf document and not a link to it.