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Do we need to provide Tenants the "How to Rent Booklet" please

hi - do we need to provide this to tenants? we have provided the EPC, Gas Cert and shown them Landlords insurance already but read this in the election guide you provided under the Section 21 notice.

Also we are still confused about what a section 21 actually is, even after reading all the notes. Does it mean serving notice before the 12 months of an AST?

thank you

Hi Chris, yes absolutely you must serve the most recent version of the How to Rent booklet to the tenant as soon as possible.

It’s worth noting that we do this for landlords automatically when we create the tenancy via Rent Now.

Section 21 is one of the two notices to begin repossession proceedings for a property. We have a full guide on Section 21 here.

Thank you, you managed the tenancy AST and collection of deposit etc, so I presume you did it for me ???

Hi Chris, if you used Rent Now, then we will have done this on your behalf.

Apologies β€” I assumed that because you were asking about this that you must have no used Rent Now.

If you use Rent Now, then we do this on your behalf :slight_smile:


One of the things I love about Open Rent - they automatically email a copy to the tenant when you use Rent Now to create a tenancy. Also, when you renew the contract (free with Open Rent), they send it again (for free). The less we have to do/think about the better :grinning:

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Looking forward to Rent Now being available in Scotland.