Landlord section 21 notice

Tenancy Starts Mid June 2019 for six months . But now they pay rent late. So, thinking of issuing section 21 notice.

(1) How to rent latest booklet
On the start of tenancy, I send how to rent through email.
I send a link to read from the the website and an email attachment .
But now I am not sure if it is it the latest one.

(2) Gas certificate
Start of the tenancy I issed lates one . Before expired I done another one . But I have not given formal copy.

What I should do?

I would serve the most recent How to Rent booklet asap and the gas certificate asap.


Hi Sam.
In regards to your reply and serving a S21, the website says you cannot serve S21 unless an up to date How to Rent guide has been issued.
Does this mean the up to date version at the start of the tenancy or does it mean if issuing a S21 a landlord has to send the latest guide with the S21 ?
Thank you.

Hi Mr T, I’d recommend this excellent flowchart of whether a S21 notice is valid.