Serving Section 21 notices after March 21

Hi all - first time posting here and I’m trying to find any info about the current situation re serving notice to my tenant. Can anyone advice if I still have to give 6 months notice please or did this end in April 21 ??

6 month notice period at the moment

You may want to wait till June as the NRLA have said this may end

Thank you - drat !! Just had an offer on my house - not sure the buyer would will wait until August.

Can I ask - what would happen if I serve notice now (6mths) and then the law changes - can I serve another one for 2 x months?

You can serve notice now and if it changes in June serve again. I’m not convinced much will change though. Six months from now takes you to end of October. If you’re lucky the tenant will move out then.

Ah thanks for your replies

I don’t think you can serve a section 21 again after one has been served
There is a legal loophole
You may want to put your question to Tessa S or the NRLA
I remember hearing this at a Tessa S conference

I believe you can serve more than one s21 notice although I am not clear whether the second cancels the first or whether they would both be active in parallel. I’ve read arguments on both sides of that.