Short-term leases?


I have two tenants who have to move earlier than expected from my 1 bed property in West Hampstead, giving me notice before the 4-month break clause has kicked-in. They want to move after 5 months total staying at the property, and have asked if I can spare them the 6th payment as they need to move before the end of this period.

Whilst they have been good tenants so far and I want to be fair to them, I am uneasy about allowing them the extra month’s rent. This is mainly due to the inconvenience of having to re-let for a short-term lease and it feels riskier finding tenants to cover for a short term lease… The property will only be available for approx 4 months before my partner and I move back. I’m not 100% confident how easy it will be to find a tenant for that exact time period?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Sophia,

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