Tenant wants to leave early

Hi there,

I just received an email from my tenant 4.5 months into a 10-month minimum term fixed contract.

Apparently she has had issues and can’t return to the UK for 12 months (right to work etc was checked on screening…)

“I wanted to reach out to check if it would be possible to end my tenancy as soon as possible please?”

I really want to be accommodating but, for a number of reasons, it’s just going to be really hard to turn this around quickly.

I would love help. Advice. Clarity. Options. I want to do the right thing as a human but this is a blow.

I also don’t understand my mutual break clause…

Thank you!!

The tenant pays up to new tenant is in place and all lettings fees

There are a couple of ways to end a tenancy early;

  1. You can release the tenant from their obligations with a ‘deed of surrender.’ Both parties have to sign and this will end the tenancy immediately.
  2. You can use the break clause. This option will require either of you to serve notice by a predetermined time which will be stated in the contract.

You will have to get answers from OpenRent on how this is done on their platform.

Good luck!

I suggest you agree, then you at least get your property back quickly. The reality is that the tenant is in another country and could just stop paying and communicating, leaving you with neither rent nor possession.

Thanks, as ever, to the responders. Very helpful.

We didn’t have a break clause which complicated things, but we’d met in person a few times and have a good enough rapport which has helped untangle it all.

It looks like I’ll be able to rent it out fairly quickly again, but probably at a lower rent (September market was much better) which is a bit gutting.

Never mind…

Thats surprising. I thought rents were only going in one direction. Have you checked the rental value with a local letting agent?

Hi David, I will check but it’s because the market in Sept is always better for me (students/ grad schemes, etc).

Very difficult to get money from someone who is abroad so I would end the tenancy & be glad with any rent received!

even more difficult to get a deed of surrender witnessed!

On the plus side, unlikely to turn up and claim illegal eviction!