Solicitor/Lender wants AST

Currently changing my house I live in over to a BtL.
The solicitor is asking: As your property is a BTL, please forward us a copy of your AST Agreement (tenancy agreement).

I was going to use Open rent for everything. Can I begin the process of putting my house on the site without ‘publishing’ it and going live… To get the AST agreement.

I find it odd that this is being asked for at this stage? Is this normal.


Does the solicitor think a tenant is already in situ?

you own it ? Then not applicable to ask unless you do have a tenant

If they just want to see the terms of the AST you are planning on using, the OR AST is free to download. Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST) | Download Template

What process are you referring to when you say “changing over”? Do you mean ending a residential mortgage in favour of a btl? If so then its not jnusual for the lender to ask for a copy of the tenancy agreement.