Some advice please landlords

Hiya , yes my tenancy is 12 months , yes hopefully when he sees it coming in ,he won’t worry so much, so im going to request a direct payment that will go straight to him, even if they can’t, i will defo be sending over when im paid by them, then hopefully it will all be fine, i literally needed advice on what im doing wrong or why the landlord wont meet me half way , everyone is so nice on here giving advice and taking time to reply, thanks again i know where to go with this now

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I won’t say much Elisha, except I think he’s being unreasonable. Richard & Mr T have covered the practical side with their usual good and sensible advice.

It would make perfect sense in my opinion for him to accommodate your request to keep you happy and payments on track. I presume his reason is, if you cannot pay the pro rata difference in dates you will not maintain a full month in advance. I can’t believe his commitments are so tight that 18 days would be a huge issue.

Why did he change the rent date in the first place?

Perhaps speak to your guarantor, see if they will lend you some money so you can hold in your bank to use For the difference in dates so you don’t have a problem with payment scheduling. You will have to be disciplined as not to use the money for something else. It might be the simplest route to a solution