Some advice please landlords

Hi i just wanted to find out the procedure on changing a rent payment date, as the date set by my landlord on the 9th of each month does not coincide with my benefit payment on the 21st off each month with universal credit, can this be changed please as UC has stated dates can not be moved on there side unless of special circumstances and if it can’t be changed by open rent or the landlord in charge, what is the reason as to why, as i would assume being a landlord you would understand the situation that every tenant has different circumstances


I would suggest contacting your landlord to see if they are willing to change the payment date. They are likely to want a pro rata payment for period between 9th and 21st otherwise you would always be behind. I’ve done this before for a tenant and imagine most landlords would.

Thanks for replying
What is a pro rata payment?
My landlord has said its impossible for him to change the date, but so have my universal credit so im in a pickle, whose right and whose wrong, and i dont want to be behind on rent , its literally going to be late payments or looks like i have to find somewhere else to rent that will meet me half way,

A pro rata payment covers part of a month. In this case it is 12 days to move the payment period. So if your rent is £600 a month you would pay 600 x 12/31 =£232 on the 9th and then £600 on the 21st of each month.

It certainly isn’t impossible, he may not want the hassle of it, but really only needs a quick exchange of emails to agree new date so isnt really that much to ask.

Ok that makes alot of sense thank you, also just another 2 questions, if the landlord dont agree to these things or suggest a pro rata payment ,is there anything you can suggest i do to go about it instead
Can this affect guarantors in anyway as i have 2 on my tenancy.

Not really. You should try to fulfill your obligations as far as possible but if you haven’t got the money until 21st not much you can do.

If you are on a periodic tenancy or a fixed term with less than 6 months left the worst that could happen is the landlord could give you 6 months notice although would be surprised if a landlord thought that was a good idea for a short delay.

The landlord could in theory write to your guarantors asking for the money but if you make the payments by 21st then there would be no debt so nothing for the guarantor to pay so landlord would be wasting their time.

Yes thats the thing i do not work , so rely on my universal credit on the 21st of each month, which is where my landlords rent comes from my universal credit payment also, i just thought it was a simple change to be done and needed to understand why its such a issue, being my landlord at first changed my rent date from the 23rd to the 9th now, but cant change it again to match his rent payment from universal credit i just feel like there is more going on that i dont know about , but thank you for taking the time to respond to me, quiet stressful it is but not much more i can do

Sounds like your landlord simply can’t be bothered. If he’s not bothered and you have emails etc that you tried to sort it out we are talking about 12 days late rent.

If you are finding it hard to manage your finances ask UC to pay your landlord directly.

Hey, yes the problem is exactly that , i have no other way giving the rent before hand , and being that it will be every month it won’t work, he knows rent will be guaranteed every month on the date the UC pay so there will never be a problem. I have never had a problem with past landlords either especially with a change of date,
Do you know if the UC can pay directly to the landlord on his chosen date he wants 9th, that will literally solve all problems , thanks for the tip

Sorry I don’t know if they would change the date but if they have said they won’t then it doesn’t sound like much you can do.

He’s lucky he’s getting rent. Seems very trivial t’s not on the exact day he chooses but he changed the day! If this is the only problem, you’ve tried to change the date and can’t, then what more can you do? Easy for me to say but try not to worry too much. Think all landlords on here would agree they wouldn’t be evicting you over this.

It might help alleviate any anxiety on his part if you did request a direct payment to him and maybe that’s as good as it gets.

Can you request advance payment from UC?
And maybe plan your finances from there?

But I agree with others. With 6 months notice and a long trail in courts I doubt the landlord can do anything to force you pay before 21 or evict you. Don’t understand why he is not bothered to meet you halfway as so many people just stop paying altogether all over the country.

Keep a trail and records of your communication/emails, and maybe try your luck with advance payment in UC?

That is literally the only problem, i gave him his first months rent and deposit already, so its just going forward if he could make rent on the same day as my Universal credit payment 23rd, then behind on the 9th of every month, but like what you said there is not much i can do , i will see about getting a direct payment on his preferred day, but universal credit said there has to be special circumstances , thank you for taking time to reply

I can try request an advance again . But as this is my second time renting. My first property i got the advance then , it is all paid back now, i didnt realise i could apply for another advance, but even if i do that, it still won’t change the situation going forward as my landlord is not willing to change the rent date , so i can give him my first advance payment (if im eligible again)but not every month UC is going to do that for me, it will sort the landlord out now but not for my next payment the following month, thank you for replying like you said ,would be great if he met me halfway just feel like this is a small change needed

Thing is he’s going to have to budget his finances to coincidence with the payment date.

It could be he’s worried that by his rent date of the 9th you won’t have the rent left.

Does he get paid directly?

Yes i wont have it then, cause i get my payment every 23rd of the month which is after the 9th , but on the 23rd its a guaranteed rent payment that will be made all the time, i dont work and cant borrow from no one to cover me, the thing is that the actual date has been changed twice by him, the date before was perfect , he was the one that changed it again to be on the 9th now, all of a sudden he can’t do nothing now its very stressful , his had his month and rent payment in advance that i gave him so there will be no arrears yet

i have literally just moved in a few weeks now, so the payment coming up that will be due i would be transferring it over to him,

Would not like you to think I am suggesting you would not pay him, just wondering if that is his underlying worry? So if you requested that UC pay him directly it might shut him up.

He’s getting rent every month ( so approximately every four weeks) so rent is not 18 days late every month.

So we are talking 18 days rent that was lost when he changed payment date at the beginning.

There was ONE period where he changed it so basically you owe an extra 18 days rent IN TOTAL. NOT every month so you do not need to be requesting advances every month.

When you leave the place and pay the full month’s rent (on the 9th) but leave on the 21st he will have that last month’s rent which will automatically pay off the 18 days of arrears!

Just feel sorry this is worrying you so much. He’s lucky to have a tenant paying regularly on the same day.


How long is your tenancy agreement? If it is 12 months there is literally nothing landlord can do for such a minor delay.

As it is your second month payment it is understandable your landlord has concerns as it is often a period of maximum concern for a landlord on whether a tenant actually pays but once he sees the rent coming in steadily on the 23rd of each month he should be happy given that the small deficit is covered by your deposit and then if needed at end of tenancy by your guarantors. A few days rent delay really shouldn’t be causing a landlord any difficulties.

yes i get what you mean that makes sense, im going to request to my coach to pay him directly like you said he might feel more at ease, even though i would send it myself when i receive but totally understand what you said , just in case, you explained that well thank you very much

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