Stamp Duty Exemption For First Time Buy To Let Mortages?

Hi all - I just wanted to check if the new stamp duty relief policy applies to me?

I know the basic idea is that that if you are buying your first property, you don’t have to pay stamp duty unless it’s over certain amount - basically just ‘starter homes’ - and it’s a bit more in London.

But what if you are buying your first property as a buy to let (BtL) house and you are not living there? Can I get the stamp Duty relief too? This will be the first house I have bought. I am currently renting and happy renting and will let the property.

I had to pay stamp duty on my first property.

It doesn’t say anything about btl here, so presumably it’s fine…

but I would certainly check before doing anything as expensive as buying a house!

Money advise service says no not for landlords.

Hi all - checking back in to share what I’ve found.

@yvonne/Money Advice was, of course, correct. No stamp duty relief for me. It also means that after I buy this BtL property, I won’t be able to claim the relief in future, since a condition of the policy is that you have never owned residential property in the UK before.

A big peeved about this, but hopefully the money from this investment will far outweigh the money I would have saved through the tax exemption…