Start agreement before references complete

My tenants are from overseas as due to no uk guarantor they have to transfer £21k to uk bank account for 30 days (and additional 2 weeks to set up uk account). They assure me they have the funds and have passed the rest of their references. This would leave them struggling for place to live and me having an empty property. Could I rent to them before we a clause in the contract? I’m keen to have landlord insurance and without that reassurance I do not want to continue.

It would be very foolish to rent to anyone before the tenancy process is complete. Have you done right to rent checks?

Yes they passed all those but they only got approved to a limited amount so have to transfer savings from New Zealand. One has a reputable job within the NHS and has job contract.

This has to be a definite “no” if they have 21k then let them arrive and stay in hotel for a couple of weeks whilst everything is sorted out.
Sorry but, If in this situation you are panicking for a couple of weeks rent then don’t really know whether you should be in this game, losing a few bob now is better than losing mega bucks when you can’t get them out.