Still looking for a pet friendly rental in England

Does anyone on this forum know of any small, semi rural properties for long term rent in the southern half of England, that are pet friendly? Retired, separated, recently retired woman looking for a pet friendly rental. Going stir crazy in France. Any helpful suggestions very welcome. No negative comments please. Thanks

You are probably better off asking estate agents. This forum is not particularly responsive to the posts looking for accommodation unfortunately. Good luck.

Thanks very much for a positive reply. I think that I am registered with literally every agent on the internet, but thanks for your reply,xxxxxxxxxx

I wish you all the luck, I really do.

We have been looking for a new rental due to issues with ours and the LL since Nov in Hertfordshire and have found it slim pickings.

Mostly, looking just before and after Xmas and New Year there was very little coming on the market, which is to be expected. However, since then things haven’t gotten much better.

The vast majority of properties we enquire about won’t accept pets (we have a small, 5 year old fully house and crate trained dog). There have been some lovely properties that have been available for a month or so plus where we have gone back to the agent and asked them to propose to the LL a higher monthly rate if they would reconsider only to be advised no go.

The properties we have viewed that will accept pets, either from the off, or after the LL changing their mind some time down the line as their property hasn’t been let, have to date, all been really dismal for the sums of money being asked in terms of condition and modernisation.

There are some new build apartments in the town centre here that are beautifully finished, pet friendly (they are very clear, pets welcome) and are available in 1 or 2 bedrooms (if memory serves correctly, 1 bed was around £1000 - £1100, 2 beds ranged from £1500 - £1600 depending on layout.

Sadly they were not for us as lack of storage for what we have, and really wanting to have a garden for our dog.

I can post a link or send one direct if the area and sound of them are of interest.

Good luck either way and hope you find somewhere soon.

Hi - Random one but I might have something coming available in a few weeks. It’s a ground floor 2 bed flat in a 7 apartment country house in South Norfolk (near Bungay). I’m looking for long term tenants only.

Thank you for your reply, but will you accept my two dogs and cat? I can assure you that they are very well behaved, and my landlord, where I have lived since 2010 will give me a reference. Do you have any more information about the property and ideally any photos. Thanks again

Sorry, I forgot to add that I am looking for a long term rental.

Sorry, but just one more question, is your reply a genuine one?

Hi - Yes it was; I think three pets is too much for the property however, especially as it shares with other residents.

That OK. I have now found somewhere.

is it in Hertfordshire are you looking ?

Hi Lynn,

Yes it is. We are currently in Hemel Hempstead to be closer to my partners family.

We would ideally be looking into staying in Hemel though would consider areas not too far from here.

As it stands, we are still actively looking. We have an application in for a property we really liked. However are now waiting for the landlord to decide as we believe there was a lot of interest and many applications.



Try applying that using specific filters “pet allowed” and you will have more chances

I guessed you were in Hemel from your description of the new build flats in Marlowes I’m sure they are nice and modern but they looks small and you would not have much in the way of privacy. Have you tried the local rental groups on fb I had over 80 applications for my last listing. And I expect the same interest on my next listing.

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