Does anyone think I have any hope of renting a pet friendly rental

I have posted on here and also commented on a few posts too. Am I being unrealistic in my search for a pet friendly rental in England? I really do not want to stay in France, but if I have no choice, then I suppose I will have to start looking over here

Do all us landlords a big favour and you contact the government and ask them to allow landlords to impose a £5,000 pet bond then and only then will pet owners look after the property they are renting. Reckon on that basis you will find plenty of landlords will go pet friendly.


I had a nightmare of stinking smell which wouldn’t go even after 10 days of daily cleaning where cats would sit and shit, this was very next to the kitchen!no prospective tenant should be made to view such a mess. How on earth people live in such a state with animals I don’t know. If people cannot respect hygeine and someone else’s property, they don’t have the right to live there. No one wants to clean the dirty mess. No amount of money matters to me. I know if the new rent bill goes ahead landlords need to be pet friendly. Hopefully there will be more landlord lobbying and are heard.


Sorry, but I dont understand what you mean by a £5000 pet bond. In France part of the renters insurance, which is required by law, includes public liability for pets, which includes, dogs, cats, horses(up to three) and goats. Insurance for anything like vets bills is up to the individual


Sorry, but you seem to be a bit hostile. Have you had a bad experience previously?

Hello! Did you read my post?


I know that it is probably stressful for landlords that have had previous tenants,taking “thePiss” I would be dubious too in that situation, but we are not all like that. I think that a lot of landlords think that renting a property is easy . When I lived in England and owned my own house, I had to take in lodgers because I needed the money to survive and I know that having a stranger under my roof was not ideal, but you do what you have to do to survive .

A lot of landlords think that renting a property is NOT easy


So, why do they do it? Not for the money then. Do landlords actually insist on prospective tenants having renters insurance? It is legal requirement here.

cannot insist on renters insurance. Not legal requirement… Of course we do it for the money . It is a business. That does not mean that is an easy job. I am a joiner I love it but that does not mean it is easy


Not hostile at all just sick of legislation being forced onto landlords, the owner of a property should be able to let the property at there discretion and any terms they wish to impose.
Regarding the 5k pet bond this would be placed by the tenant and any damage caused by the pet would be covered by the bond. (ya ok just seen a cow flying overhead).


You ask “So, why do they do it?” well, because it used to be a very good investment and still can be if they stop dictating to us and let us get on with the job,
When all said and done this is our savings pot, I bet you have no conditions set by the government on your savings.


Just to add my tuppence worth to this discussion.

Due to more and more Government Legislation around the rental sector and also the taxation of landlords, many have sold up and gone.

This is obviously causing a lack of supply opposed to demand.

In the area in which we rent I would estimate available rentals are down by two thirds or more compared with 5 years ago. 1 page on Rightmove when previously there would have been 3 or 4 pages competing for tenants.

Consequently, the last 2 times we have rented out our 3 bedroom house we have had to cease new applications after receiving 50 plus applications in only 2 or 3 days of advertising. 50 then short listed to 3, and those 3 interviewed . All 3 potentially decent tenants but only 1 house. Last time it went to a lady police officer with a young daughter.

If you could see the list of 50 applications you would soon see why there is no incentive or need to take tenants with pets and potential problems all landlords have experienced. Not all tenants are like you although some are, and we have allowed pets, after we have got to know how a particular tenant treats our property.

I don’t mean to sound harsh, I’m just stating reality.

Don’t blame Landlords, get on to your local MP. It’s this conservative government that have wreaked havoc in the rental sector. They can’t provide any houses themselves and have set about making life so difficult for those that try to do the job for them.

I can only afford to stay in the sector, providing quality accommodation at a reasonable price and I love my tenants, and they me, because my 2 rental properties are not mortgaged, they are paid off.


Thanks for your reply. As I live in France I have no local MP to contact. It is however nice to have someone who has replied to my posting. Thank you.

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I hope you keep trying and can get somewhere soon.
Mrs T

I have had first hand experiance.
The owners look after the dog, if they kick it in the garden, the dog walks it in obviously.
Try getting any money back when the carpets are shitted up.
ME, never ever again.


I let a couple have a cat. I even got a cat reference from previous LL BUT they left it stinking of cat per which 6 months on I can not get out. Never again


I have to admit that I cant stand shit of any type. I dont even like my own! It is however, a fact of life that if it eats, and breaths, then it shits. When my dogs shit, I am there with my shit shovel and bag to pick it up and dispose of it straight away. I dont want to tread in it, or for them to tread in it. I have never had a problem with that. I should think that the person who cat a cat stinking the place out with cat pee, either had an unneutered tom, and they will spray anywhere, or they never let it out to do its business. That is another thing I cant stand, the smell of cat piss. The re are people who are actually responsible pet owners.


I rented a property out to a couple with a cat (they got permission). When they moved out recently, the flat was in great condition and I wouldn’t have known there had been a cat in the flat. I am not opposed to pet owning tenants, although I do agree it comes with a lot of risk particularly as the deposit cap doesn’t sufficiently cover potential damages, and as @Karen14 pointed out, there is a lot of demand for rentals and not enough supply so you are unfortunately competing with many tenants without pets. I would contact landlords directly on Openrent on rentals that you are interested in, and explain your situation. If you can also demonstrate earnings, income, etc and a guarantor as well, then this will work in your favour.


You may have had to take in lodgers as your personal financial circumstances may have dictated at the time however what’s that to do with you attempting to acquire a rented property to house your animals ? . It’s no good saying to a new landlord “you must have had a bad experience, we’re not like that “ you conveniently forget that the landlord doesn’t know you at all and the last individual he gave credibility to what they were saying regarding pets trashed his house. !!
I for one won’t allow pets especially dogs and I think that echoes the general feeling of most landlords in the UK. Just remember your camping in someone else’s house!!
Better option is to get a mortgage and buy your own property then you can have an ark of animals no problem but stop trying to send us landlords on a guilt trip over your animals because we simply don’t want them!!