Stuck in a rut finding housing

Im 42 years of age and was living with my mother until i was put into a hotel for homeless i get dla\esa and have a guarantor but so far all i keep seeing is no dss accepted or you have to be working…(unfit for work with disabilities including fibromyalgia) so where do i start? Im completly stuck in a hotel finding housing in rainham but its this no dss accepted thats ruining my chances.

look under the Heading "No D S S " and if you read all the coments you will understand the reasons for the difficulties

You have a guarantor- usually that’s pretty solid, especially if the guarantor is a homeowner.

Ask dss about getting an advance so you can put a few months upfront, that can help reassure them that you’re able to budget and will be paying.

Can you reach out to any local disability resources or Facebook groups for advice finding disabled friendly housing? Another reason they may be averse is that having a disabled tenant is that you can require them to make the property more disability friendly. My mother in law had that problem, ended up getting evicted.

This is a tough time and I’m sorry you’re stuck in a hotel for it. Do you have anyone who you’d be comfortable having as a roommate? That can make the process easier.

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I assume you are on the council list?

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Mothers in a residential elderly home and i have not got much places to stay either just the hotel waiting for council to find somewhere but as in renting somewhere and me getting 899 housing benefit still not many landlords will accept it guarantor or no guarantor or having to earn £32.000 a year to be suitable to rent the place.

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Its because others ruin it for people like myself


Yes just been sending details through to council


Is it feasible to move to a cheaper area? The house we’re living in only needed under £17k for the guarantor.

Its not just others ruining it- the government as well. They have a history of taking back housing benefit from the landlord if they find the tenant was fraudulent. Most landlords are independent people who can’t afford to suddenly lose thousands and thousands like that.

It’s not fair you’re facing this, but sadly the government has really made a complete mess of this whole thing.


ryan 42. You have got your head screwed on, you totally get the situation for landlords and tenants.


Darren2 Dont give up I would rather have a guy like you than some I cannot mention. I have known what is like to be on my uppers . Now I am well off, and I dont even have a Ph D. Things will get better for you I hope . Keep on with the council. Butt (with 2 T’ s) it may take some time


Yeh not letting council have a rest but its just the area i need to be in does not do dss …if they do it has to be guarantor or wage slips for thousands a year from work.for instance a flat in rainham essex want 750 a month but says dont accept dss but someone took a agency to court for saying no dss on adverts but yet some do…its just finding them places in rainham is the problem.

I am up North ,so out of touch with rents down south, except to know that they are all much dearer… Probably in greater demand also.


Proper demand very true and now were in tier 3 everything gets backdated now

You’ll have an easier time in a low demand area. I know it’s not ideal but neither is living in a hotel. :frowning:

Part of the problem with a high demand area is they can easily have 10 potential tenants and if one is a safer bet than you, that’s who’ll get it.