Hard to find place to live

I’m single mom of two, trying to find a bigger place to live. Currently getting dss and have enough income to pay Rent. Also saved for deposit and would be able to pay few months in advance. Have a good reference from my landlord, been living in his property for five years never missed a payment and have no debt. My problem is that I do not have a guarantor And I fail credit checks just because there’s not enough evidence of my income. So landlords say insurance won’t cover me.
So I guess my question is there anything I can do to ensure landlord that I would be a good tenant and would pay rent on time etc. Would you as a landlord consider someone like me?
Just need some hope to continue looking for a property
Thank you

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Not all landlords take out rent insurance .I never have . So keep going. Your best advantage is that you are willing to pay upfront . Can you also prove you have always paid the rent on time? You have no relatives as a guarrantor?

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Yes I can prove it with a good landlord’s feedback, also I don’t have any relatives. I’ve been living in this country on my own for 10 years

We don’t have rent insurance either.
Said to another poster on here we have let in three separate lots of tenants without all paperwork, but have been let down by all of them and have said if we did it again would want everything in order next time.
It’s a shame as landlords get the flack for being greedy and unsympathetic but it’s bad tenants that have driven them to protect themselves.
Other tenants like yourself who are genuine suffer.
Think all you can do is keep trying. There are still some out there who will be flexible but must be difficult for you.


I expect you already have but check your credit file to see no mistakes.

I agree you need a landlord that has no insurance or mortgage restrictions. Keep going, be honest as you obviously are, you’ll get there.

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Keep trying and hopefully you will find a landlord who will take you on. I have let 2 previous properties with no guarantors who have always paid on time and have been good tenants. Good luck.

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Have you found landlord yet? If not what area you are looking to rent? Text me I have empty 4 bedroom flat, I never rented to DSS but if all paperwork is OK, I am open to negotiate. I am a mum too, I can’t let any mum to be pinlized for receiving support.

Hey, no I haven’t yet. Thanks for the reply I did text you so we can talk about it.

Thanks, Eiva

You’ll be ok, keep looking. Don’t give up I’m sure there decent landlords out there.
Let me know how you get on, I myself looking.

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From the evidence you have given I would rent to you, I rarely take insurance.

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I will be honest and say that I have now been stung twice, on both occasions by families on housing benefit. In both cases, the payment reduced significantly when the tenants circumstance changed.

totally why I will never take on Housing benefit tenants I dont care what local authorities say They(LA) can turn on you at the drop of a hat

Perhaps if you stated a location someone may have a property ??

I’m looking around south east London, but willing to change my location anywhere in London or around it if it’s a nice place and worth it

That’s really sad, I mean I’ve heard enough to know that some people who use housing benefit take it for granted and then landlords who been stung don’t wanna do anything with it.
But it’s not like my only income is benefits, And have a very good referencing from the current landlord, the only problem is referencing with OpenRent. Anyway I appreciate all your comments, it gives me a really good understanding and will continue looking and be honest hopefully I can find someone

Hey Eivile,
Don’t give up hope, just be up front about your situation and be realistic with your budget. If your finances stack up and you have bank statements to prove you are able to afford rent, some landlords will overlook references, especially if you can afford some advance payment.