Sub meter installation

Can my landlord put a electric sub meter in my house, under my name to supply and count the electricity used for an outhouse which is not in my name?
She want to rent out the outhouse as office space and wants the sub meter in my house, therefore the total bill will be in my name.

its quite common to do this but the total bill should not be in your name as there are 2 meters. there are lots of commercial properties which over the years have been subdivided and rather than build a separate power supply infrastructure they make this kind of arrangement

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Thank you for replying. No, she told me it would all be calculated together and be added onto my bill and we just calculate it ourselves and she pay her share. I didn’t agree to go ahead with this which has now resulted in her evicting us

I have sub metered 3 of my commercial properties .I pay the bills and then get the money off
the appropiate tenants

Are these bills in your name or each tenants name. I’m wondering how my landlord can calculate who owes what if the bill is inclusive of the sub meter

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dead easy. Read the sub meter and look at the bill charges .take the amount OFF the main meter

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