Subletting Accusation

Myself and my 2 flatmates had been renting somewhere since March 2023. Only 2 of us were on the Tenancy as agreed by the Landlord, as the 3rd couldn’t pass a credit check. We have since had to change the 3rd tenant due to them being unable to afford rent anymore. We didn’t notify the landlord of the change, but didn’t think it was an issue as the 3rd tenant was never on the Contract. The contract states we are allowed subletting with the Landlords permission, which we had.

He is now demanding to see their ID. Should we be sending this to him? Do we have any obligation to do so?

We have already giving our break clause notice and will be leaving in Feb so eviction isn’t a concern for us.

Do you have terms of the sublet permission and do you have permission in writing?

Mark asks an important question. To be honest, it doesn’t sound like this landlord knows what they’re doing. They probably want to check that the new occupant has a Right to Rent in the UK, which they would need whether or not they have a tenancy. However, asking you to send a copy of their ID isn’t enough to cover him on its own.

I would suggest you comply and be more upfront with any other changes.

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See this is the thing, it’s not in writing but he has now agreed on email that he did verbally agree to allowing a 3rd person. The reason he’s kicking off is because it’s a new tenant which I do understand, it’s just he is generally trying to pin other things on us also. He’s really not a good landlord quite frankly.

I do wonder whether he has an HMO licence to start with but I haven’t questioned it.

Happy to comply, I just don’t trust his intentions as it feels like he’s trying to trap us in some way…

Its usually easy to check if he has a licence. The Council normally publish a list of licensed properties on their website.

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